About us

TVN MEDIA GROUP is an international multimedia publishing group, protagonist in the sector of advertising, marketing and new media, characterized by its strong and sound know-how in the field of communication conception, development and management on different kinds of media: from hard copy to web, from mobile to TV.


TVN MEDIA GROUP is the publishing group of:

Pubblicità Italia

AdV strategie di comunicazione

Today Pubblicità Italia




The Group also features TELEVISIONET.TV, the first ever Italian free web TV, characterized by a young, captivating and international way of making infotainment.


TVN Media Group is the Editor as well as the organizer of International Awards that are the point of referen- ce for the world of communications, advertising, and brand creativity, such as:

International GrandPrix Advertising Strategies

Brand Identity GrandPrix

International Events & Relational Strategies GrandPrix

2014 Gala
2014 Jury