2014 edition

In order to emphasize the union between two complementary realities such as ‘The market’ and ‘The techniques of connected marketing,’ the Award brings together the protagonists of corporate marketing and academic world, who select the entries addressing market needs and focusing on the industrial sector to which the products in competition belong. They are joined by independent sector specialists who focus their attention on the connected marketing techniques used. The Jury have the task to designate the winners for each category and the International Events & Relational Strategies GrandPrix 2014.

Alessandro Arbore, Ph.D. SDA Professor Director of the Executive Master in Marketing and Sales, Sda Bocconi School of Management

Chiara Bressani, Head of Group Communications and Sustainability, Gruppo Campari

Marzia Curone, member of the Board of Directors, AssoCom

Laura Iacovone, Professor in Economics and Advertising Technique, Università degli Studi di Milano

Francesco Montuolo, Channel Manager, Poste Italiane

Lorenza Pigozzi, Communications Director, Gruppo Mediobanca

Andrea Prandi, Senior Vice President Communications, Ediso

Sara Ranzini, Corporate Communications, Facebook

Roberto Silva Coronel, member of the Board of Directors, Iab Italia

Maria Laura Sisti, Head of Media Relations, Fastweb

2014 edition



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Carla Vieites,  Sr. Marketing Manager, PepsiCo

Massimo Zuccotti, Events Manager, Gardaland

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