2018 Edition

In order to submit the projects, participants must register on www.relationalstrategiesgrandprix.com.


Projects completed between 1 June 2017 and 30 September 2018 will be accepted.

Participating campaigns must be registered according to prevalent technique.





Case history

Upload a .doc file (in English) with maximum 1700 characters spaces included, with the following information:

– Goals;

– The main idea;

– The results (if not available in absolute value, they should be expressed as a percentage, i.e. change in market share, growth in comparison with the previous period, percentage increase in sales and so on);

– Why this operation should be the winner.

Illustrative material

– For videos, upload a 120-second at most videos. Accepted formats .asf, .mov, .mp2, .mp3, .mp4;

– For images, upload a maximum of 5 images for each project. Format 300 dpi .jpeg;

– For radio, upload .mp3 formats;

– For websites, if still online provide the address, if not upload images in .jpeg format.



Each project will be submitted in its entirety to the assessment of the jury, therefore the registration fee is a flat rate and includes all means used and related subjects.


Rates include free publication of the logo on the GrandPrix website for one year.

Each project winning the category award will be rewarded with the free publication of credits on Pubblicità Italia’s special issue dedicated to the award.

The entry fee includes also free attendance at Gala Finale.

Submission rate 1 campaigns € 475 + vat 22%
Submission rate 2 campaigns € 855 + vat 22%
Submission rate 3 campaigns € 1.187 + vat 22%
Submission rate 4 campaigns € 1.472 + vat 22%


Please note, in case of registration of the same project to more than one category, the fee will be €210.00 for every category added.


For further information, please contact



Partially completed forms or forms without receipt of payment attached will not be admitted to the selection.


You can also send the original material through the mail service. Please consider that all material sent will not be returned unless requested when registering.

Send to the following address:

TVN Media Group/GrandPrix

Corso Magenta, 85

20123 Milano Italia



– BANK TRANSFER to: Account Name: TVN srl

Banca Monte Dei Paschi di Siena

IBAN:  IT07P0103001604000002023122

– PAYPAL  from the website www.relationalstrategiesgrandprix.com



. Projects completed between 1 June 2017 and 30 September 2018 will be accepted.

  • . Participating campaigns must be registered according to relationship marketing techniques.
  • . The Jury’s decisions will be final and binding. The Jury may decide not to assign awards in one or more categories should it judge the submitted projects unworthy, while conversely it has the right to assign multiple awards in the same category.
  • . The same data provided in the case history, in the online form and the same material submitted for the jury selection will be used in our publications. We therefore recommend uploading high-quality images, files and audio files. Any individual who submits one or more projects assumes full responsibility for such registration and for the quality of the material sent, exempting the organizers from all liability.
  • . In order to promote the Award, participants authorise the organizers to freely and permanently distribute submitted projects during promotional presentations (both public and private) or over the air, cable, satellite, TV networks, computer networks (internet and mobile) and, in general, on all media now in existence or hereafter invented, without time or territorial limits.

The awards will be handed out for each of the following connected marketing techniques:


1. On/off integrated communication guided by the brand-consumer relationship


2. Charity/Fundraising/Corporate social responsability/Cause related marketing

Social marketing initiatives developed by a brand or company in favour of non-commercial actions; charity fundraising; non-profit events, events in favour of other public and social institutions.


3. PR/Media events

Press conferences or other activities aimed at generating media attention.


4. B2B events

Events intended for business operators and specific vocational targets.


5. Internal events/Corporate conventions

Events intended for internal audiences.


6. Motivational events/Incentives

Encouragement and motivational events intended for the sales personnel, middlemen, suppliers and promoters; team-building programs.


7. Public and cultural events

Music and sport events, exhibitions, festivals, film events, expos.


8. Road show

Traveling events.


9. Branded content


10.Branded Entertainment

11.In-store experience

Promotional and entertainment activities taking place at the retail store and intended for the customer.


12. Unconventional

Guerrilla marketing activities, ambient media, flash mobs.


13. Competitions, drawings and loyalty programs

Industry and retail allotment of points, retail loyalty cards, tourism and travel, financial services. Prize drawings or instant wins.


14. Social media campaigns

One-to-one campaigns addressed to community channels and using word-of-mouth, user-generated content and social networks techniques.


15. Mobile marketing

Applications created for tablets and mobile phones with the aim of selling, promoting or creating awareness about a product or service; including branded apps, in-app advertising, mobile display, SMS and mobile video adv. Newsletters, ads and direct campaigns sent by e-mail.


16. Digital Innovation

Innovative use of digital platforms to strongly engage final consumers through such techniques as native advertising, data-powered targeting, advergaming, digital experience, 360° creativity and so on.


17. Digital PR and Social Media Relations

Actions to activate and monitor online conversations on websites, blogs and BTC and BTB communities using new digital channels. Planning and management activities of brand content and brand reputation on social platforms (i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube , Slideshare ..)


18. Brand and product communication

Consumer branding, product and/or brand launch and re-launch, placement activities, storytelling.


19. Corporate Communication

Campaigns of strategic positioning and/or repositioning (mission and values), anniversaries, change management, crisis communication, litigation PR.


20. Financial Communication

Communication campaigns whose purpose is to highlight the market and the economic and financial activities of a company and its management to investors.


21. Internal Communication

Campaigns whose purpose is the development of an internal culture based on values and mission, to foster a sense of belonging and active participation of the population of an organization (company, institution, association, authority).


22. Environmental Communication

Campaigns to promote behaviors in favor of environmental protection and sustainable development. Protection of local lands, plant opening, awareness activities and educational programs about virtuous topics and behaviors.


23. Communication from/for the Public Administration

Awareness campaigns on PA issues and activities in order to promote the active participation of citizens. The issues are health, welfare, education, employment, social security, public order.

The IMCC represents the integrated marketing communications agencies and agency associations in Europe. It is part of EACA European Association of Communication Agencies and its ambition is to promote the use of integrated marketing communications focusing on brand activation, promotion, direct marketing, digital marketing and PR projects.


Besides intense lobbying practises at the European Community, each year the Council promotes the IMC Awards in the 8 European Member Countries.

The IMC Awards in fact are an international competition created to single out the best practices in terms of innovation and excellence in the relationship strategies sector.


The award winners of national competitions are entitled to enter IMC Awards. In Italy the Category Winners of the International GrandPrix Relational Strategies, organized by TVN together with Assocom/PR Hub, have the right to enter their corresponding IMC categories to compete at the IMC Awards.


The  categories at the IMC Awards are very close to ones of the local awards.


The campaigns are selected on line by a panel of about 50 european jury members, experts in the sector, that cannot vote for any project from their own country. Each juror roughly selects 15-20 campaigns according to the following four screening criteria: Stratagies, Creativity, Execution and Results, all of them have equal percent value on the final score.