The Award



International GrandPrix Relational Strategies is the award dedicated to the most innovative and effective techniques of brand reputation, experience and activation: digital, promo, direct, events, and PR.

An event always on the move, able to renew itself each time, so as to follow the evolution of the market and to always be up-to-date.


The collaboration with PR HUB continues for the fourth consecutive year.


As always, the Award is characterized by its international opening, the composition of its Jury and its choice of categories, highly representative of every communication tecnique aimed to the final consumers engagement. 

An important feature is the partnership with the European IMC Awards, organized by EACA, the European Association of Communication Agencies.

The Category Winners (The Winners List) of the International GrandPrix Relational Strategies have the right to enter their corresponding IMC categories to compete at the  IMC Awards.


The Jury

In order to emphasize the union between two complementary realities such as ‘The market’ and ‘The techniques of relationship marketing,’ the Award brings together the protagonists of corporate marketing and academic world, who will select the entries addressing market needs and focusing on the industrial sector to which the products in competition belong.The Jury have the task to designate the winners for each category and the GrandPrix 2016.


The 2017 Final Ceremony took place in FIFTYFIVE Milano, via Piero della Francesca 55 on 27 November 2017.